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SVU - Eda Kriseova

Evening Reading From The Author's Book 10 December, 2010 - 7:00 PM

Eda Kriseova (born 1940) is a Czech journalist and writer. She graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Adult Education, part of the Charles

University in Prague. She worked as a redactor for

the Mladý svět and Literární noviny weekly magazines and the Journal Listy. Her political stance at the time of Normalization in the 70s and 80s placed her among the banned writers of her time; consequently, she published abroad and in samizdat. After the

Velvet Revolution in 1989, Vaclav Havel chose her as one of his presidential advisers. Having accomplished this work, she has fully devoted herself to

literature. Along with many other works, she is the author of The Authorized Biography of Vaclav Havel,

and the novels Misericordia, Pompejanka,

and Kočičí životy (Cat’s Lives).


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