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Happy Easter & April Fool’s Day

Joseph Balaz 01 April, 2018

In previous years I attempted to shock you with some completely made up stories as a tribute to the internationally recognized day of pranks, April Fool’s Day. To my understanding, not only was April Fool’s Day "officially" canceled this year because of the calendar conflict with Easter, but I also feel these days that I am kind of slowly maturing and should perhaps act accordingly, at least for the moment. 

So this time I will stay on a slightly more serious note and will share with you a couple of observations:
A friend of the BBLA and a well known scholar, Martin Nekola, is again presenting a very interesting piece on our website commemorating our 100 year long history. I want to thank Martin for his contribution and I believe that all of you enjoy his writing. With Martin's help we will create several panels dealing with the subject he writes about and those panels will become a permanent exhibition material owned by BBLA.

The other thing I would like to mention is the long, slow but steady progress of our restaurant, the Bohemian Spirit. After the painful and difficult years it seems that the restaurant is finally finding its footing in the neighborhood. With the opening of the Second Avenue subway, the construction barriers blocking the street are gone and the pedestrian traffic visibly increased. This, together with the superb execution of a simple and tasty concept presenting traditional Czech cuisine in the best way, started to bring more and more happy customers. The restaurant is no longer losing money and is becoming a very sought after neighborhood place. I hope that all responsible for its operation will keep the restaurant an integral part of the successful Bohemian National Hall.

Happy Easter & Fools Day.



Joseph Balaz, President
Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association


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