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Newsletter December - Editorial

Joseph Balaz 01 December, 2017

I will start by thanking our patrons and our business partners for their unwavering support throughout the year and by expressing my deepest thanks to our stellar staff, our trustees and the members of our individual organizations for their profound contribution to an ever growing quality of our programs. The collaboration with our institutional partners representing the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is fantastic and we are looking forward to working together on the various centennial celebrations of the statehood in 2018. I am also very proud that after several difficult trials and errors, our restaurant, the Bohemian Spirit, is finally becoming a favorite neighborhood staple. Congratulations go to its talented staff and the hardworking new management. (Yes, indeed guys, your "svickova" is more then sublime... it is addictive!)


I was also reminded that this is already the 60th newsletter since we reworked our BBLA and the BNH websites and I want to salute the KADS New York team for keeping us all well informed and up to date on everything related to the Bohemian National Hall.


Wishing you all very tranquil December and hope that during the festivities you will frequent some of the many activities BNH has in store for you.

Happy Holidays!


Joseph Balaz, President
Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association



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